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  1. lRoberth

    Custom Classes Format

    Do you already have everything ready to follow this format? If you don't, click here. Are you ready to purchase your custom class? If you aren't, come back later. If you still here, I assume it's because you have everything ready. You MAY follow this format (copy & paste) and create a new post...
  2. lRoberth

    Custom Classes Information

    NOTE: THIS FORMAT ONLY APPLIES IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE A CUSTOM CLASS. Prices The base price is $15 GBP, this contains the next: Any playermodel you want from the Steam Workshop, limited to a maximum weight of 15MB. Any extra weight will be charged as follows: 1 GBP per extra 5MB. (for...
  3. lRoberth

    Server Information

    Server Information Server IP: Server Port: 27015 Server Name: ★▶California Gaming ▌75k Start ▌E2 ▌Bitminers ▌Unbox ▌Cars ▌Free VIP ▌ Map: rp_downtown_tits_v2 Workshop URL: Steam Workshop Max Player Slots: 64 Direct Connect: Click Here